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Marketing Video for Webelos by a Tenderfoot

Wouldn't it be great if your soon-to-crossover Webelos could see a marketing video actually produced by someone of similar age and interests? While this video displays our particular troop number, it's still a great 2 minute piece produced by a Tenderfoot. You should think about presenting this to your cubs as they are making their decision to transition to Boy Scouts.


Marketing Video for Parents

To grow your troop, you need to market the parents as well as the Webelos. This video may have been made in the UK, but it touches the right chords in American Parents, too. Well worth the 6 minutes!

This video was shared by Walter U. through the Talk About Scouting! Facebook group.

The Scoutmaster's Other Handbook is an excellent resource. This down-to-earth book offers hundreds of proven ideas for building strong, successful, sustainable troops that achieve the full promise of Scouting. The book moves through every aspect of troop meetings and outings to fundraising and administration and more.

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Chaplain's Aide Role
Den Chief Role
Historian Role
Instructor Role
Leave No Trace Trainer Role
Librarian Role
Order of the Arrow Troop Representative
Patrol Leader

Quartermaster Role
Scribe Role
Senior Patrol Leader Role
Troop Guide Role
Troop Webmaster Role

First Strides Guides™: Youth Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

Leadership is learned through doing.  However, it's hard to do if you don't know what's expected of you, especially during your first few weeks in the role. 

There are plenty of official leadership books and trainings. Yet, there is often a gap between the day you "take office," and the day you take the training.

These short, First Strides Guides™ will give your Scouts a quick idea of what to say and do at their first couple of meetings in their new role. (We are in the process of writing these, so, if you know of other free-to-scouts documents that cover these topics, please let us know, so we can include the links. Finishing these up would also be a good volunteer activity.)

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Talk about Scouting! is a very nice Facebook forum for Leaders to ask questions. Check them out at:


GTTH FaceBook Page

TroopResource manages our own Facebook page, too. It is called the "Global Troop Town Hall" and is currently filled with inspirational quotes.



Great list of Boy Scout Games to play at

This link was shared by Barry W. from Troop 512.

Scoutmasters, are you overwhelmed and so busy that you don't have time to ask for volunteers or don't know how best to ask? You might want to send a link to this 60-second video to every parent. It worked for us.

This is a great video to play at a Court of Honor, banquet or other gathering.





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