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Helping your Scouts earn the rank of Eagle is hard enough. Not having enough Merit Badge Counselors in your troop makes it even more difficult. How best to convince parents and volunteers to become Merit Badge Counselors? I can tell you from first hand experience that it is easier when you provide them with a PowerPoint show and the associated worksheets.

Below are PowerPoints donated from some amazing MB Counselors. Feel free to edit and use them as you need, with three caveats: (1) Please leave the original author's name in the speaker notes on Page one (feel free to add your name if you make edits), (2) please encourage people to visit the www.GlobalTroopResource.com or www.TroopResource.org page by NOT re-posting these on any other site, and (3) only submit PowerPoints that you created (we work on the honor system).

Email your PPT files to:


Link Received From
US Scouting Service Project

All Merit Badges have an associated pamphlet/booklet which a Scout needs to read to earn the badge. Pamphlets/Booklets are purchased through your local Scout Shop or online.

Worksheets, however, can be downloaded, printed and given to the Scouts free of charge. Worksheets are generally given to the Scouts by the MB Counselor and asked that they be completed, so the Counselor knows they paid attention (especially during virtual sessions). All the Merit Badge worksheets can be found at a fantastic site called The US Scouting Service Project.

Note: MeritBadge.org, which used to be the worksheet resource is no longer in existance.

Art (25 MB)

Sarah Kurdila of Lake Erie Council

Blue Card Front (JPG) (350k)
Blue Card Back (JPG) (300k)
Blue Card Front & Back (PDF) (661k)
Wow! What a surprise. I went looking for images of blank Blue Cards, so I could send electronic completions for my virtual merit badge sessions. I ended up scanning them, myself, to keep them "to size." Note: I'm now building a Word Mailmerge file. Contact me if you want it and I haven't posted it, yet.
Camping (4 MB) Michael Coates

Welcome to Citizenship in the Nation (12 MB)
National Rights, Duties and Obligations (20 MB)
This Week in the News (64 MB)
Checks and Balances Play (37 MB)
Three Branches of Government (70 MB)
Master Check-in

Ann B. Perrone of Troop 1719
Chess (2 MB)
Chess Notation Sheet (80 k)
Steve Zuppo of Troop 43
Citizenship in the World (2.4 MB) Frank Yeung
Coin Collecting (11 MB) Jim Walls. This file is in PDF format
Communications (2.25 MB) Ed Trevisani
Cooking (6 MB) Mike Coates
Crime Prevention (2.8 MB) Unknown
Energy Day 1 (7 MB)
Energy Day 2 (4.5 MB)
Mark Fennell
Engineering (7.5 MB) D.C. Bryan

Environmental Science Session 1 (2 MB)
Environmental Science Session 2 (2 MB)
Environmental Science Session 3 (8 MB)

Sarah Kurdila of Lake Erie Council
Exploration Session 1 (18 MB)
Exploration Session 2 (23 MB)
Sarah Kurdila of Lake Erie Council provides two more great PowerPoints. This time they highlight the Exploration Merit Badge.
First Aid

Jeff Gove of Troop 512 shares his First Aid slide deck with you.

Game Design (2 MB) Seth Berger of Troop 367
GPS and Geocaching PPT (1.6 MB)
GPS and Geocaching Notes PDF (< 1MB)
Tom Epp, ASM of Rose Valley Troop 272, Venture Crew 272 Advisor, and Minquas District Training Chair. Images for this PPT were collected from a variety of sources for educational purposes. If you believe you are due a photo-credit, please let us know.
Law Part 1
Law Part 2
Law Part 3
Law Part 4
Law Part 5
Anthony Glass, Counselor Resica Falls Scout Reservation. This 5 part series on law is awesome! These are links to Anthony's Google Docs' Drive, so if the links break, please let us know.
Leadership (6 MB) Scouts BSA does not have a merit badge in leadership, so often it is difficult for youth to understand the difference between leadership and management. This 1-hour presentation will help you explain the difference in a very practical way. Provided by Scott Newman of Troop 512.
Life to Eagle (4 MB) Steve Nieman?
Medicine.PPTX (3 MB)
Med Jeopardy.docx (12k)
Med Jeopardy Questions.docx (18k)
Docgo - medicine bingo.docx (1 MB)

prepared these PowerPoints and a great medicine bingo game.



Movie Making 1 of 2 (337 MB)
Movie Making 2 of 2 (245 MB)

Jim Walls prepared these as KeyNote presentations built playable from Macintosh Computers.

Movie Making PPT (12 MB)
Day 1 and Day 2 Emails to Parents (20k)
Handout with Potential Topics, Links and Script
Example of the video created on Day 1

Scott Newman of Troop 512. This is a very participatory class and includes a movie naming game and a script for a performance that is video recorded and edited before their eyes.
Nuclear Power (7 MB) Ed Barker
Oceanography.PDF (3 MB) Frank Zarrilli. These two Oceanography PowerPoints are very similar, so you may wish to check both out to see which meets your needs better. Frank's is in the form of a .PDF. We received Greg's first, but don't know which came first (the chicken or the egg). Thank you to both counselors.
Oceanography (7 MB) Greg Adams. These two Oceanography PowerPoints are very similar, so you may wish to check both out to see which meets your needs better. We received Greg's first, but don't know which came first (the chicken or the egg). Thank you to both counselors.
Personal Management (12 MB) Bill Gribbin

Personal Management (6 MB)

Excel - Personal Budget (Basic) (11k)
Excel - Personal Budget (Extensive) (34k)

Scott Newman of Troop 512 shares his 7-session PPT show and Excel spreadsheets. My sessions go WAY beyond what the MB requires, because my goal is to give every Scout the tools to become a millionaire by the time they retire.

Photography (13 MB)

Scott Newman of Troop 512.

Pioneering - Knot Materials (< 1 MB)

PDF, not a PowerPoint.
Programming (link to GitHub)

Bob Baker of Troop 787, Orange County Council, CA.
This is an AWESOME GitHub site to visit!

Public Speaking (16 MB)

Steven Feder of Troop 19.

Pulp and Paper (8 MB) Sarah Kurdila of Lake Erie Council
Radio (1 MB) The Education Alliance for Amateur Radio
Scholarship (400k) Brian Larson of Troop 512
Sculpture (Session 1) (14 MB) Sarah Kurdila of Lake Erie Council

Traffic Safety (13 MB)

Truck Transportation (1 MB) Seth Berger of Troop 367
Wilderness Survival - Materials (< 1 MB) PDF, not a PPT. Good materials.
Wood Carving (7 MB) Sarah Kurdila of Lake Erie Council
Woodworking (7 MB) Sarah Krudila of Lake Erie Council









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